An approach to unite tables and persistent queues in one system

People need databases to store their data and persistent queues to transfer their data from one system to another. We’ve united tables and persisted queues within one data platform. Now you have a possibility to take your data from a queue, then process it and keep the result in a database within a single transaction. So your application developers don’t need to think about data inconsistency in cases of connection failures or other errors.
I’ll tell you about an open-source platform called YDB which allows you to work with tables and queues within a single transaction. I’ll walk you through architecture decisions, possible scenarios, and performance aspects of this approach.


  • Elena Kalinina
    Elena Kalinina

    Elena a Technical Project Manager at Yandex with extensive experience in leading projects in various fields. For the past nine years she has been leading projects in Yandex in the areas of machine learning for advertising and also high-load infrastructure projects. Now she is working in the YDB team which creates open source solution for Data platform. Initially YDB was a distributed DBMS system, and now it has additional abilities to work with persistent queues and analytics databases. She is inspired by the creation of IT solutions in various fields, such as machine learning for search and advertising, developing managed services for clouds and leading big infrastructure projects for large organisations. Elena is initially from Moscow, Russia. Last 1,5 years She’s been living in Belgrade, Serbia working for the Serbian hub of Yandex. She is a happy Mom of three sons (15, 12 and 5 years old) and loves travelling, windsurfing, snowboarding and learning Italian :).


Jun 18 2024


10:15 - 10:45


Room Friedrichshain III