Architecting an open observability stack

Microservices divide the complexity of the application code. Hence it is easier to debug single services with only a specific usage. On the other side, microservices add complexity to the communication and infrastructure layer. Therefore, when discussing software architecture, only considering the application design is not enough. We need to consider how we manage the complexity of the infrastructure components as well. We learned over the years that it is good practice to define open and flexible software for change. What if we take the same approach with our observability stack? Let’s look at how an observability stack built with open-source tools can help infrastructure teams add more flexibility and prevent vendor lock-in. Let’s find out why OpenTelemetry is so exciting in helping achieve this and how we can use application code with it. The talk presents a concept of how to instrument code based on the application functions and finally also takes a look into different Open Source backends to store and visualize telemetry data like Prometheus and Grafana.


  • Nele Uhlemann
    Nele Uhlemann

    Nele Uhlemann is a Developer Advocate at Fiberplane. Her passion is enabling collaboration among multiple stakeholders in building and running Software. Switching sides from application development to infrastructure topics, she understands the challenges of enabling knowledge sharing to run systems more efficiently. She advocates for Open Source technologies as she believes those are catalysts for organizations to build flexible solutions and be in charge of their Software architecture.


Sep 14 2023


10:30 - 11:00


Room Friedrichshain I+II