Autoscaling with HashiCorp Nomad

Things like Infrastructure as Code, Service Discovery and Config Management can and have helped us to quickly build and rebuild infrastructure, but we have not nearly spend enough time to train our self to review, monitor and respond to outages. Does our platform degrade in a graceful way or what does a high cpu load really mean? What can we learn from level 1 outages to be able to run our platforms more reliably? We all love infrastructure as code, we automate everything ™. However, making sure all of our infrastructure assets are monitored effectively can be slow and resource intensive multi stage process. During this talk we will investigate how we can setup nomad cluster that can automatically scale our infrastructure both horizontally as vertically to be able to cope with increased demand by users/ This talk will focus on making sure we on configuring Nomad and its new autoscaler component to be able to make data driven decisions about scaling nomad jobs in or out to fit current customers usage.


  • Bram Vogelaar
    Bram Vogelaar
    Hot Potatoes

    Bram Vogelaar spent the first part of his career as a Molecular Biologist, he then moved on to supporting his peers by building tools and platforms for them with a lot of Open Source technologies. He now works as Technical Lead / CTO at Hot Potatoes a Red Hat Certified Cloud & Service Provider that keeps your data is safe behind Dutch dikes.


Jun 15 2021


14:00 - 14:30
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