Bringing Order to Chaos: Make Your Systems More Resilient with Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering is a new approach that helps identify & address weaknesses in software systems by intentionally introducing controlled failures. This talk covers principles & practices of chaos engineering, using real-world examples to show how it has improved resiliency, performance & saved costs. You’ll learn how to design & execute chaos experiments, interpret results, and implement chaos engineering within your organization. The goal is to create highly resilient systems that can withstand any challenge in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


  • Sayan Mondal
    Sayan Mondal

    Sayan is a Sr. Software Engineer at Harness, building their Chaos Engineering platform and helping them shape the customer experience market with React and TypeScript. He’s the maintainer of a few open-source libraries and is also a core contributor to LitmusChaos (the Incubating CNCF project). His areas of interest include Chaos Engineering, TypeScript, DX, and performance optimization


Sep 14 2023


11:15 - 11:45


Room Friedrichshain III