Business case of web accessibility

This talk will examine the rationale for organizations to address accessibility. It includes tangible and intangible benefits and the risks of not addressing accessibility adequately. It explores how accessibility can: Drive Innovation: Accessibility features in products and services often solve unanticipated problems. Enhance Your Brand: Diversity and inclusion efforts so important to business success are accelerated with a clear, well-integrated accessibility commitment. Extend Market Reach: The global market of people with disabilities is over 1 billion people with a spending power of more than $6 trillion. Accessibility often improves the online experience for all users. Minimize Legal Risk: Many countries have laws requiring digital accessibility, and the issue is of increased legal concern. Note that “web accessibility” and “websites” throughout this article include web and mobile applications and other digital technologies.


  • Amarachi Amaechi
    Amarachi Amaechi

    Amarachi is a frontend engineer and technical writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She’s passionate about making the web accessible to everyone. she’s a big advocate for building open and inclusive communities which led her to start the vue.js Nigeria meetup group in Nigeria.


Jun 15 2021


11:30 - 12:00
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