Cloud Provisioning with Ansible? Is that possible?

There’s an ancient rule of thumb for system engineers and cloud ops professionals: Create your resources like VMs, networks, and storage with Terraform and configure them afterward with Ansible, install software, create users, etc. But why maintain two different tools with two different languages? In this session, we explain how to manage resources directly with the Ansible Collection “”. We have a look at its architecture, guide you through the installation, and develop together a few adaptable, hands-on examples.


  • Nils Magnus
    Nils Magnus
    T-Systems International GmbH

    Nils is a Senior Cloud Architect for the Open Telekom Cloud, the public cloud offering of Deutsche Telekom, operated in Europe by Europeans. With his team, his focus is to provide tools, frameworks, and libraries that support cloud users in their migration journey. Being a tech advocate for the open-source and free software cause for decades, he’s frequently speaking at conferences, writing tech articles, and running workshops around the world. Nils lives in Berlin, Germany.


Jul 20 2022


12:00 - 12:30


Room Barcelona I