Cloud Transformations Strategies – From Adoption to Cost Optimisation

“Cloud Transformations Strategies – From Adoption to Cost Optimisation” is a talk specifically designed for C-level executives, engineering leaders and architects. In this session, we will be discussing strategies to help your organization successfully transform to the cloud, starting with adoption and ending with cost optimization. One key strategy to bolster adoption is developer self-service, which enables developers to provision and manage their own resources, improving efficiency and speed. We’ll also discuss the benefits of infra-as-code, a practice that allows you to manage your infrastructure using code, resulting in more predictable and repeatable deployments. Finally, we’ll delve into techniques for cost optimization enabled by the FinOps cultural shift, which focuses on optimizing the financial performance of cloud environments. By implementing these strategies, your organization can maximize the benefits of the cloud and achieve long-term success. As a C-level executive, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest strategies and best practices for cloud transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and position your organization for success.


  • Sri Rang
    Sri Rang

    My name is Sri (श्री रंग) – Staff at GitLab Incubation and founder + lead of the ⛅🌱 Cloud Seed program. ⛅🌱 Cloud Seed is an open source collaboration between GitLab, Google Cloud and others to accelerate cloud adoption and app modernisation for teams and organisations. With a background in engineering, research and sales, it is my mission to filter out the cruft in tech and orgs, and maintain a steady focus on value, delivering sustainable, long-term business outcomes. Previously, served as an Enterprise Solutions Architect, where I transformed tech organisations into lean, secure, and compliant business units and drove commercial success for GitLab.


Sep 13 - 14 2023