Cluster Management: Heterogeneous, Lightweight, Safe. Pick Three

Custom CI/CD pipelines often don’t adapt well to existing platforms. OCluster is a cluster management system that’s currently deployed on thousands of cores powering various CI systems for the OCaml community. It composes recognized software components, from snapshotting filesystems to containers and virtualization management, in order to provide a lightweight and highly portable execution environment across operating systems and architectures. In this talk, we’ll present OCluster use cases, and how it fits into the OCurrent framework.


  • Antonin Decimo
    Antonin Decimo

    Antonin Décimo is a Software Engineer at Tarides, a French company focused on the development of the open-source OCaml ecosystem. As such, Antonin worked on expanding the reach of the dedicated CI for the OCaml community to new platforms and projects. He prefers when tools catch his mistakes over the opposite.


Jul 19 2022


16:15 - 16:45


Room Barcelona II