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COBOL on Kubernetes

With Kubernetes owning the mind share of the next generation of applications, legacy applications are getting farther and farther behind. There is hesitation around moving these legacy applications to this new control plane and platform. They were developed at a time when there was a specific and consistent way of developing software allowing Developers to focus on the business value instead of the Operations requirements. The world is quickly moving on, and the software that runs a significant amount of the world is being left behind. This talk, I’ll walk through what I thought was originally a joke of a project, that became a perfect litmus test of why any developed application can run on this unified platform. With a measured amount of engineering effort, your company can move any language and any developed application to Kubernetes, gaining the power of both the shared control plane and Cloud Native velocity of development.


  • JJ Asghar
    JJ Asghar

    JJ works at IBM on the IBM cloud as a Developer Advocate. He’s focusing on the IBM Kubernetes Service trying to make companies and users have a successful on boarding to the Cloud Native ecosystem.

    JJ lives and grew up in Austin, Texas. He enjoys a good strong stout, hoppy IPA, and some team building Artemis, madding Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, or Factorio. He’s a member of the Church of Emacs, though jumps into Vim on remote machines. He usually chooses Ubuntu over CentOS, but secretly wants FreeBSD everywhere. He’s always trying to become a better Ruby developer, but experiments with Go, Python, and only when he has to, Node. A father and husband, if he’s not trying to automate his job away he’s always trying to convince his daughters to “be button makers not button pushers.


Jun 17 2020


13:25 - 13:55


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