Configuration Management vs. Workflows vs. Orchestration

When it comes to configuration management and applications people try to adopt the config management also to application rollout or upgrades. Usually, people will struggle hard to get the things done right – especially when it comes to server or service dependencies. In my talk I am going to show how one can integrate Puppet declarative configuration management with Task based Workflows and Plan based Orchestration using Puppet Bolt. Many people might already know Puppet. I am giving an overview on Puppet limitations and how Puppet Bolt helps you to add the missing parts of Puppet. I am going to explain the differences between workflows and the according tasks and orchestration and the plans- You will receive an overview on the integration between Puppet and Puppet Bolt and how to develop and use Bolt Tasks and Plans.


  • Martin Alfke
    Martin Alfke
    betadots GmbH

    Martin is long time Puppet user and an active member of the Puppet and DevOps communities. As Managing Director Martin is working at betadots GmbH, located in Berlin. He likes giving talks and sharing his knowledge and is always eager to learn new things.


Jul 19 2022


17:00 - 17:30


Room Barcelona I