Continuous Deployment Workflows

Releasing small, incremental updates to production multiple times a day is the pinnacle of productivity that a software team can achieve. In this talk, I present the main advantages of continuous deployment over traditional release processes, explain the essential components of a continuous deployment infrastructure, and discuss typical challenges as well as strategies to overcome them.


  • Marco Otte-Witte
    Marco Otte-Witte

    Marco is the founder and Managing Director of Mainmatter, a Digital Product and Web Engineering consultancy working with international clients. He has been in tech since the late 90s and worked with various technologies from .NET to Rails, Elixir and Phoenix, TypeScript, and Rust. He advises international teams on architecture, technology choice, process, and developer infrastructure. He is passionate about developing sustainable and reliable products and organizations based on strong foundations.


Sep 13 2023


15:15 - 16:00


Room Friedrichshain I+II