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Continuously Delivering Infrastructure

Application delivery pipelines can make it a lot easier to quickly iterate on applications, but what about infrastructure? There’s toil hiding everywhere in infrastructure management, including processes like scaling up or down, patching, and more. On top of that, security requirements are often a huge consideration.

In this talk, we’ll explore some strategies for continuously delivering your on-premise infrastructure using an open source CI tool to build an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline. We will also use Terraform, an open-source infrastructure as code tool to manage the infrastructure lifecycle.

Attendees will learn how this use case can help build patterns for others, and some ideas for improving their infrastructure provisioning and management!


  • Xander Grzywinski
    Xander Grzywinski

    Xander is a Developer Advocate at HashiCorp. Previously, he worked as an SRE at companies including Microsoft, Starbucks, and Target. Xander loves messing with infrastructure code and automating all the things. When not in front of a computer screen, you can find him somewhere with poor lighting, good coffee, and a spooky book.




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