Contributing to Open Source with the example of Icinga

Have you ever contributed to an open source project? There are tonnes of different ways to help out, and we want to show you how: From GitHub workflows and general contributing as well as more specific Icinga related topics. We at Icinga have been working on some guidelines for getting started with development on our projects – contributing to the Icinga project has never been easier! That could be working on a plugin, a webmodule, fixing bugs in Icinga Web 2 or Icinga 2, adding features to the director or simply adapting the documentation.


  • Feu Mourek
    Feu Mourek

    Feu has been working in tech for a few years now – Specialised in Web Development and Design, and a passion for data visualisation they spent most of that time being a part of the development team of the monitoring tool Icinga Web 2 and giving talks and trainings about Icinga, GitLab and accessibility, their pet peeve topic.
    Last year they took over the role of “Development Advocate” at Icinga, taking care of the communication in the community and the development team.


Jun 17 2021


10:45 - 11:15
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