Cooking up o11y w/ Feature Flagging

Feature flags allow you to enable and disable code without changing or deploying any source code and selectively route traffic to certain users or a percentage of certain users, along with other great tricks. It’s powerful stuff … but when you combine it with observability (the ability to understand the inner workings of your complex systems and other unknown-unknowns), what you get is a supercharged, superpowered version of both. With o11y and feature flags, you and your teams get deep technical and business insights in real-time about how your code is working, what changed with your last deploy, and how changes are impacting different users, apps, or groups in fine-grained detail. This is the best, easiest way to understand your systems as never before. You’ll have to see it to believe it. 👀


  • Alayshia Knighten
    Alayshia Knighten

    Alayshia Knighten is an Ecosystems and Integration Engineer at Honeycomb with many years of experience in the DevOps realm. Alayshia specializes in enhancing technical and team-related experiences while educating customers on their journey with and beyond observability. In her words, “Getting shit done while identifying how to accelerate at the person beyond the tooling is the real meat and potatoes.” She enjoys solving the “so, how do we solve that?” problems and meeting people from all walks of life. Her tiny hometown and Southern background inspire Alayshia. She enjoys hiking, grilling, painting, and making random bird calls with her father in her spare time.


Sep 13 2023


16:15 - 16:45


Room Friedrichshain I+II