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DevOps im Mittelstand

It’s Monday. The door flies open, your boss enters the room and shouts: “We need DevSecNetOps now! Otherwise we are doomed!” Apparently he has met someone on the golf course over the weekend… What is DevOps any way and how to start your journey when you are a medium sized company – this session will give some insights from a consultant perspective and talk about actual roadblocks, which you will encounter, one way or the other.


  • Falk Stern
    Falk Stern
    PROFI Engineering Systems AG

    Falk works with Unix & Linux since 1995, and got pulled into networking a few years later. He especially likes IP packets, agile methods and automation. His favourite mantra: “Concepts not tools and people over process.” At present Falk is responsible for BU Lead Network Solutions at PROFI Engineering Systems AG.


Jun 16 2020


13:45 - 14:30


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