IGNITE: Doing Community Surveys for an Open Source Project

I would like to share some of the lessons that we learned from doing surveys for Icinga.
We have tried out different methods to get feedback and Information about our project, and over the past years we have fine tuned how, where and when we ask questions.
So if you want learn how to ask questions the right way – come on over and learn from our experiences and join the discussion in the next coffee break!


  • Feu Mourek
    Feu Mourek

    Feu is the Development Advocate for Icinga – managing communications with the community, sharing insights on stage and keeping their colleagues busy with lots and lots of questions.
    They have been with the project for almost 6 years now, first as a developer, designer and now as the communication medium, speaker and trainer.
    With a passion for inclusivity, accessibility and anything new they’re always happy to stop for a chat in the hallways!


Jul 20 2022


14:05 - 14:10


Room Barcelona I