Dynamic Image Optimization with imgproxy at Schwarz IT

Images account for 42% of the LCP Element of all websites. But in 2023, still, we are seeing too large images delivered on websites – even on the Stackconf speakers page, I currently see 15 MB size and one 5 MB Image. Even if the techniques to resize and optimize images are available for quite some time – they’re still not used everywhere. In this talk I’ll give you an overview of the capabilities of the open source image optimizer imgproxy. At Schwarz we’re using it a dynamic image optimization engine for our Digital Leaflets delivered in all Lidl & Kaufland countries. Imgproxy is not only resizing images, but also delivering modern image formats like WEBP and AVIF. Ironically, the app itself is scaling up and down as well in STACKIT Appcloud.


  • Andreas Lehr
    Andreas Lehr
    Schwarz IT KG

    Andreas is passionate for all things powering the modern web and helping Teams at Schwarz IT with all challenges around cloud, scaling, reliability, and monitoring. Besides that, He’s writing a weekly newsletter (German) on Cloud News and Open-Source at allesnurgecloud.com.


Sep 13 2023


9:15 - 10:00


Room Friedrichshain III

Location 2

Room Friedrichshain I+II