Ignite: Enabling multi-cloud and breaking vendor lock-in with Cloud Sidecar

Cloud providers offer numerous services that abstract away common problems from software developers. No longer do companies need to manage their own file storage solutions, message queues, key-value stores, etc… The problem is, once you start building software on top of these services you get locked into that specific cloud provider. This is better known as vendor lock-in. Of course, the more services you use the harder it is to go multi-cloud or switch clouds. Cloud Sidecar solves the problem of vendor lock-in by converting requests from one cloud’s API to another cloud’s API. So, if your applications use Amazon Web Services’ S3 and SQS, you can easily deploy Cloud Sidecar next to your application and now it automatically uses Google Cloud’s GCS and Pubsub. Learn about Cloud Sidecar, how it works, how easy it is to modify your software to use it, and how you can deploy it.


  • Lawrence Finn
    Lawrence Finn

    Lawrence (Larry or sometimes Larrold) Finn is a technologist hailing from New York City. He started out working in banking technology but has spent the past decade in the startup world working at enterprise technology startups. Lawrence has specialized in building APIs and distributed backend systems. He believes that creating and consuming APIs should be super simple.


Jun 15 2021


13:15 - 13:20
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