IGNITE: A blaming culture is not your fault

A must-have for an incident strategy is blameless collaboration. Tooling and wording are a great start, but people’s mindsets must also be adjusted. Although no one points with the finger officially, we all carry our own history and experience with errors. The presentation outlines key elements to create a blameless and collaborative culture and also tells you  why it is not so easy after all.


  • Nele Uhlemann
    Nele Uhlemann

    Nele Uhlemann is a Developer Advocate at Fiberplane. Her passion is enabling collaboration among multiple stakeholders in building and running Software. Switching sides from application development to infrastructure topics, she understands the challenges of enabling knowledge sharing to run systems more efficiently. She advocates for Open Source technologies as she believes those are catalysts for organizations to build flexible solutions and be in charge of their Software architecture.


Sep 13 2023


14:10 - 14:15


Room Friedrichshain I+II