From Code to Connection: How Empathy Can Enhance Your Software Engineering Career

As a software engineer, you are constantly faced with complex challenges and technical obstacles. But what if there was a way to overcome these obstacles and create truly transformative products? In this presentation, we will follow the story of Esther, a software engineer who learns the power of empathy in her work. Through her journey, you will learn how empathy can help you understand your users, build more inclusive and user-friendly products, and ultimately enhance your career. Join me to discover how empathy can take your software engineering career to the next level.


  • Temidayo Adefioye
    Temidayo Adefioye

    Temidayo Adefioye is a skilled software engineer with 5 years of experience in coding. He is passionate about helping tech professionals succeed in their careers and is an instructor at LinkedIn Learning. With his expertise and dedication, he is committed to providing valuable insights and guidance to his mentees.


Sep 13 - 14 2023