Fuzzing: Finding Your Own Bugs and 0days!

This presentation has as objective to explain how 0day are found through Fuzzing technique. I’ll be explaining how you can create a fuzzer, what are types of fuzzing and types of targets. And how you can find a Buffer Overflow vulnerability and write your own exploit. PoC demos included, of course! (include 2 movies PoC).


  • Rodolpho Concurde
    Rodolpho Concurde

    Brazilian, certified C|EH, having begun his studies about Information Security 13 years ago, and passed 10 years has realized projects of Application/Infrastructure Penetration Test, Security Analysis, Code Review and Hardening for industries such as: Telecommunications, Aviation, Financial Institutions, Information Technology and Mining. In his free time like of research and practice news techniques of Attack and something of Reverse Engineering.


Jun 16 2021


11:30 - 12:00
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