Gain SRE Superpowers with K8sGPT

Did you spend hours finding production issues on your Kubernetes environments? Were you really upset when you found out that it were trivial things which held you back? In this talk, you will learn about some common issues you find in Kubernetes clusters and how AI can help you troubleshoot them. Finally, you will learn how to gain SRE superpowers with your AI-driven troubleshooting-buddy K8sGPT, who helps you to find problems in your K8s environment and solve them.


  • Thomas Schuetz
    Thomas Schuetz

    Thomas is a Cloud Native Engineer, Advocate and Educator enthusiastic about making cloud-native more comfortable. As a CNCF Ambassador and Open Source Maintainer (Keptn and K8sGPT), he is always eager to find ways to deliver software and troubleshoot issues more efficiently.


Sep 13 2023


14:30 - 15:00


Room Friedrichshain III