Generative AI Security — A Practical Guide to Securing Your AI Application

Generative AI offers immense opportunities while also introducing new security challenges. Security leaders must take concrete steps to enable rapid experimentation without compromising security. We will discuss key strategies for securing generative AI applications, including threat modeling, guardrails, observability, and evaluation of effectiveness of security measures. Attendees learn how to identify and mitigate potential risks and how to evaluate the effectiveness of security measures.


  • Manuel Heinkel
    Manuel Heinkel

    Manuel is a Solutions Architect at AWS, working with software companies to build innovative and secure applications in the cloud. He supports customers in solving business challenges and achieving success with AWS. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the mountains.

  • Puria Izady
    Puria Izady

    Puria is a Solutions Architect at AWS, helping software companies in Germany build innovative SaaS solutions. With a background in machine learning and generative AI, he brings technical expertise and business acumen to design AI/ML driven applications at scale. Puria collaborates closely with customers, understanding their needs and tailoring solutions to meet their specific goals. Before joining AWS, Puria worked in a global bank where he modernized a monolithic stack to a scalable and agile architecture while ensuring security and compliance. Outside of work, Puria enjoys exploring new countries and fine-tuning his secret pizza recipe.


Jun 18 2024


11:00 - 11:45