How DevOps changed the way we operate software

It’s been more than a decade since the inception of devops. A lot has changed since then. We now live in a world where many traditional ops responsibilities distributed among teams. We are also seeing a dramatic change in how we do ops. Ops people are now writing code and testing them the way developers write business logic. But does this give enough context? Of course not. In this talk, we are going to cover how devops change the way we create and run software – and talk about what is next!


  • Serhat Can
    Serhat Can

    Serhat Can is a versatile engineer who has built and operated products as part of the Opsgenie team. He works at Atlassian, focusing on Opsgenie. He helps teams build better on-call and incident response practices. He shares his production experiences with others as an international speaker. He is an AWS Community Hero. Serhat contributes to the community as an event organizer as well as a speaker. He is a DevOpsDays core team member where he helps local DevOps communities organize events in 80+ cities.


Jun 16 2021


14:00 - 14:30
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