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Breaking Down the Networking Model in Kubernetes, Packet by Packet

Kubernetes is a VERY big platform with so many fancy knobs and buttons like meshes and CNIs that we tend to forget just how the networking stack comes in to handle in-cluster traffic. I’m here to take the topic back to old’y Linux times and explain how the entire networking stack from the container end with sidecars comes to be when oversimplified from the ground up with fancy linux scripts and filtering tools as my day to day job allows me use.


  • Emmanuel Bakare
    Emmanuel Bakare

    Bakare Emmanuel is a DevOps Engineer with effective skills in Containers, Virtualisation and Linux administration.
    Asides code, community and work, he is also an avid traveller who enjoys every bit of a new experience. From paragliding off the mountains of Cape Town to future skydiving attempts off the altitudes of this planet, he also speaks French (kinda, vous comprends?!) and enjoys visiting countries and conferences.




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