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Ignite talk: Flying Blind – Accessibility in our Tools

Do you know what it feels like to navigate as someone who can’t distinguish between green and red – looking at those badges that tell you whether something is broken or a-okay?
I’ll give you a quick look into what it feels like with some examples from the monitoring tool Icinga Web 2.
We all tend to forget, that not everyone sees the world like we do.
In this talk I’ll be walking you through different views in Icinga Web 2 with side-by-side comparisons for the default views and how different kinds of vision impairments affect those.
The talks also features a few suggestions on how to improve colour schemes and making websites and webapps better to navigate with screen readers!


  • Feu Mourek
    Feu Mourek
    Icinga GmbH

    Feu has been working in tech for a few years now – Specialised in Web Development and Design, and a passion for data visualisation they spent a lot of time working on Icinga Web 2.
    On top of that they travel around a bit talking about Icinga and GitLab in the form of talks and trainings.
    In private they spend a lot of time in the virtual worlds of Dota 2 and the slightly less virtual and more fantastic world of pen and paper role play games.


Jun 18 2020


13:10 - 13:15


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