IGNITE: Kubernetes/OpenShift (in way too short of time)

When you look at YouTube and see a video that’s longer, than 5 mins, do you skip it? Have you wanted to learn about Kubernetes or OpenShift and can’t handle the 6-hour video? Don’t fret I have an ignite talk that hits all the major high points of Kubernetes and OpenShift, so you can walk away knowing the bare minimum.


  • JJ Asghar
    JJ Asghar

    JJ works as a Developer Advocate representing the IBM Cloud all over the world. He mainly focuses on the IBM Kubernetes Service and OpenShift trying to make companies and users have a successful onboarding to the Cloud Native ecosystem. He has also been known in the DevOps tooling ecosystem and generalized Linux communities. If he is not building automation to make his work streamlined, he is building the groundwork to do just that. He lives and grew up in Austin, Texas. A father and husband, trying to learn to balance his natural nerdiness with family life. He enjoys a good strong dark ale, hoppy IPA, some team building Artemis, and epic Gloomhaven campaigning. He has recently dove headfirst into Fedora since IBM buying Red Hat, but still secretly wants FreeBSD everywhere. He is always trying to become a better web technology developer, though normally just uses bash to get the job done.


Jul 20 2022


14:10 - 14:15


Room Barcelona I