IGNITE: Lifting the Curse of Static Credentials

In the era of crypto passports and cheap hardware tokens, why do we still rely on usernames and passwords? Static credentials like passwords and permanent tokens are a major security hazard, yet companies struggle to manage them securely.
This talk offers practical recommendations for eradicating static credentials, via digital identities and trust relationships. Prevent data theft in public or shared cloud environments and reduce the risk of being hacked. Increase security and user experience.


  • Schlomo Schapiro
    Schlomo Schapiro

    Schlomo joined Forto in November to build the technical foundation of our business success. His areas of focus are Engineering standards and decision making, architecture good (at the right cost) practices and security/compliance automation. In general, he fixes stuff and helps people. He’s a generalist with enough depth and experience to ask the “right” questions and drive execution. His approach to problem solving is to try understanding the root cause. He prefers to do this from the technical side. He starts by finding alignment around the problem space and he’s also quick to help with a specific solution. Schlomo’s big vision for information technology is to interpret every problem as an automation challenge that can be solved via code. His current approach is summarized in “The Role of GitOps in IT Strategy”, see 🇩🇪 video, 🇺🇸 slides and blog at https://schlomo.schapiro.org/p/about.html


Sep 13 - 14 2023