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Ignite talk: Monitoring is a Critical Mess

Everyone has an opinion about monitoring. But let’s be honest, whether consciously or not, we all know our monitoring is out of control. In this talk we’ll discuss how crazy monitoring can get while we struggle to stay sane. In 20 slides I will show you all the things that will drive you crazy one day or another – if not already.


  • Marius Gebert
    Marius Gebert
    NETWAYS Web Services

    Marius Gebert takes care of the platform development, the platform operations, and customer support at Netways Web Services. Marius is passionate about creating new features, improving the infrastructure and automating everything that can be automated. Before that, Marius completed a 3 year apprenticeship and has worked as a Support Engineer for the Managed Hosting departement.


Jun 16 2020


13:10 - 13:15


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