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Infrastructure-level solutions for modern Microservices

Modern data-intensive microservice applications live in cloud and containers, they use machine learning techniques and serverless functions in data pipelines.
In the presented IoT microservice environment, Kafka is a stable messaging platform whereas containers are ephemeral with strict roles. To take in count, microservices should be efficient, scalable and decoupled, but the integration of services is very challenging through the application’s code. I will show how this can be accomplished by using Istio which is service-mesh that fundamentally changes how services are managed without changing the single line of code in services. Application’s code stays simpler and easier to maintain, which is preferable in many ways for both developers and operations, and on the other hand – scalability, security and observability increases.


  • Petar Radosavljevic
    Petar Radosavljevic
    MSG Global

    Petar is an enthusiastic DevOps Engineer and Consultant at MSG Serbia ( in the cross-functional team developing IoT products for the insurance industry. He is responsible for the entire process that the product passes from the system design, through the development environment via the build processes to the customer. His main focus is on bringing the best of DevOps’ concepts, processes, and methodologies to the enterprise in an agile environment. Specialists in Linux, IaaC and Automation, Containers and Kubernetes, IoT and software development. In his free time love playing football, travel and spent time outside.


Jun 18 2020


13:50 - 13:55


Room Barcelona I
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