Integrating cloud native security into the SRE culture

When we are talking about DevSecOps, we often focus on Security for Developers or Security for workload management and deployments. While the discussion between DevOps and SRE continues until the end of time, we can agree that SRE is more focused on the culture and the processes put in place to build reliable and efficient infrastructure for our deployments. If we just adapt security tools into our SRE workflows, we might risk introducing decoupled processes.
This talk will showcase how we can integrate open source security solutions and a security-centric mindset into the SRE culture and our existing monitoring stack. Anaïs Urlichs will first provide an overview of the top security risks that we face during our cloud native infrastructure management and deployments; and then highlight how we may adapt our workflows to become security-centric.


  • Anaïs Urlichs
    Anaïs Urlichs
    Aqua Security

    Anaïs is a Developer Advocate at Aqua Security, where she contributes to Aqua’s cloud native open source projects. When she is not advocating DevOps best practices, she runs her own YouTube Channel centered around cloud native technologies. Before joining Aqua, Anais worked as SRE at Civo, a cloud native service provider, where she helped enhance the infrastructure for hundreds of tenant clusters. As CNCF ambassador of the year 2021, her passion lies in making tools and platforms more accessible to developers and community members.

Hourly Schedule

New Day


Sep 14 2023


14:30 - 15:00


Room Friedrichshain III