It’s Time to Debloat the Cloud with Unikraft

The cloud is undoubtedly a major success story, but while extremely convenient in terms of deployment and scalability, it’s become increasingly clear that is it highly inefficient, with services deployed in bloated, wasteful virtual machines (VMs). Worse, such VMs are kept on most if not all of the time, once again wasting resources, driving up both cloud infrastructure bills and energy consumption. We introduce Unikraft, a novel cloud operating system that allows for easily building cloud-ready images fully tailored to the needs of particular applications: Unikraft images boot in a few milliseconds, consume only a few MBs even when running mainstream applications (e.g., NGINX, SQLite, Redis, etc.), and can provide throughput higher than Linux. We will also show Unikraft’s ability to boot images just-in-time, as requests come in, and go to sleep thereafter, further saving resources. Unikraft is an open source Linux Foundation project and can be found at .


  • Felipe Huici
    Felipe Huici

    Dr. Felipe Huici is CEO and Co-Founder at Unikraft UG, a start-up dedicated to lightweight and open source virtualization technologies and significantly lowering cloud infrastructure bills. In addition, Felipe is a chief researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg, Germany where his main research and interests lie in the areas of high-performance software systems, and in particular specialization, virtualization, and security. He has been published in several top-tier conferences and journals such as SOSP, ASPLOS, OSDI, Eurosys, SIGCOMM, NSDI, CoNEXT, and SIGCOMM CCR. Finally, Felipe is one of the founders and maintainers of the Linux Foundation Unikraft open source project.


Jul 20 2022


9:30 - 10:00


Room Barcelona II