Kubernetes and Checkpoint/Restore

With Kubernetes 1.24 it is finally possible to checkpoint and restore containers. This offers new possibilities how to use containers in Kubernetes with the help of CRIU (Checkpoint Restore in Userspace). In this session I want to present possible use cases for checkpointing and restoring containers (including demos), how it is currently integrated in Kubernetes and how we plan to extend checkpoint and restore in Kubernetes over the next few releases.


  • Adrian Reber
    Adrian Reber
    Red Hat

    Adrian is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and is migrating processes at least since 2010. He started to migrate processes in a high-performance computing environment and at some point, he migrated so many processes that he got a PhD for that. Most of the time he is now migrating containers but occasionally he still migrates single processes.


Jul 19 2022


11:00 - 11:45


Room Barcelona I