Kubernetes Native Continuous Deployment with FluxCD, Flagger, and Linkerd

With many services going online that have rapidly growing user bases plus the expectation of being both resilient and innovative at the same time, continuous delivery has become a necessary practice. By employing practices like automated gating, CD helps organizations grow with confidence, and limit (or completely circumvent) having to wait for manual checks and approvals.
This talk will discuss and demonstrate a Kubernetes native CD pipeline using FluxCD, Flagger and Linkerd. I will discuss the benefits we gained in the process of employing this pipeline at StackPulse.Three key learnings audience will take away from the session:

  1. How to increase velocity and deployment safety by adopting CD
  2. How great tooling can reflect your culture — not change it


  • Leonid Belkind
    Leonid Belkind

    Leonid Belkind is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at StackPulse, a Site Reliability Engineering orchestration platform. Prior to StackPulse, Leonid co-founded (and was CTO of) Luminate Security, a pioneer in Zero Trust Network Access and Secure Access Services Edge. At Luminate, Leonid guided this enterprise-grade service from inception, to Fortune 500 adoption to acquisition by Symantec. Before Luminate, Leonid managed engineering organizations at CheckPoint Software Technologies that delivered enterprise firewalls and other network, endpoint and data security products.

    Through his career, Leonid has witnessed the modern Software Engineering practices come and replace the traditional ones, first around Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines, then Infrastructure Management and Monitoring, and onwards as software services have replaced on-premise products. Throughout this journey Leonid has become passionate about building reliability-first architectures, methodologies and organizational culture.

  • Or Elimelech
    Or Elimelech

    Or Elimelech is the SRE lead at StackPulse. Or has worked as an SRE and DevOps engineer and consultant for 12+ years and has particular expertise in building and ensuring resiliency of tech across all the devops phases, including configuration management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform); distributed systems (Kubernetes, Nomad, Mesos); CI/CD and security.


Jun 17 2021


10:00 - 10:45
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