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Let’s Debug Django like pro

Writing clean code, with good logic is important.
But how about debugging the same like a pro and build pretty graphs?

“Debug like a pro just like you code”

Print statements though easy and powerful don’t help in understanding the behavioral aspects. In order to perform functionalities like visualizing the error/warning rates, we need an advanced debugging tool.
Through my talk, I aim to introduce debugging libraries like “logger”. Logger can be incorporated with Django with a couple of lines of code, which not only helps us understand the errors, but also the possible areas of improvement.


  • Sayantika Banik
    Sayantika Banik
    Continual Engine

    Open-source is Sayantika´s passion. Apart from earning her livelihood, she run tech communities in India to support diversity and inclusion. Mentor students and newbies in open source. Currently, she is part of the “Django Software Foundation” board.


Jun 17 2020


10:45 - 11:15


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