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Leveraging Procedural Knowledge: From Riding a Bike to Bare Metal Automation

On the road to senior engineer, one has to inhale multiple technologies. This often seems like a series of massive obstacles wherein each new technology resembles a new beginning. However, engineers often underestimate the extent to which procedural knowledge from one technology transfers to a new technology. In this talk, I will demonstrate that the process from OpenStack Community Liaison to Tinkerbell Developer Advocate was a series of procedural knowledge transfers, wherein the obstacles to learning reduces with each new technology that is learned. I will provide specific examples, from getting started to troubleshooting issues, and conclude with practical recommendations on how to create a coherent plan for transitioning from one technology to another.


  • Rain Leander
    Rain Leander

    Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary community liaison with a Bachelor’s in dance and a Master’s in IT. An epic public speaker, they have disappeared within a box stuffed with swords, created life, and went skydiving with the Queen. Seriously. Rain is an active technical contributor with OpenStack, RDO, TripleO, Fedora, and DjangoGirls. Come say hello. Bring cake.


Jun 18 2020


13:15 - 14:00


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