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Making the Business Case for Contributing to Open Source

Today, pretty much all companies have embraced open source. But while they’re all keen to use open source, at lot fewer actually contribute to it.

And yet, there’s real value in doing so. Companies use their contribution to open source to boost recruiting (Facebook claims 75% of their new engineering recruit mention Facebook’s open source program as a key reason they accepted their offer), increase their market, build a moat around their business, or position themselves as leaders in their field.

In this talk, we’ll look at the different ways contributing to open source can benefit a business and become a competitive advantage. We’ll look at the open source strategies of different companies, big and small, and provide you with the knowledge to start building a business case for open source in your own company.


  • Tobie Langel
    Tobie Langel

    Tobie Langel is the founder of UnlockOpen, a boutique consulting firm that helps large organizations build a strong open source culture and leverage it to recruit, retain, and foster top software engineering talent, improve team efficiency, and boost innovation.

    His clients include Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Mozilla.

    Tobie Langel is the facilitator of AMP’s Advisory Committee and sits on the Advisory Board of OASIS Open Projects.

    Previously, he was a member of Facebook’s Open Source and Web Standards team, and was Facebook’s Advisory Committee representative at W3C.

    Tobie Langel is known for having co-maintained the Prototype JavaScript Framework. He also edited a number of Web standards, including WebIDL, and led W3C’s Web platform testing effort.




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