Monitoring Microservices The Right Way

Modern systems today are far more complex to monitor. Microservices combined with containerized deployment results in highly dynamic systems with many moving parts across multiple layers. These systems emit massive amounts of highly dimensional telemetry data from hardware and the operating system, through Docker and Kubernetes, all the way to application and its databases, web proxies and other frameworks. Many have come to realize that the commonly prescribed Graphite+StatsD monitoring stack is no longer sufficient to cover their backs. New requirements need to be considered when choosing a monitoring solution for the job, including scalability, query flexibility and metrics collection. In this talk Horovits will look at the characteristics of modern systems and what to look for in a good monitoring system. He will also discuss the common open source tools, from the days of Graphite and StatsD to the currently dominant Prometheus. This talk will put you on the right track for choosing the right monitoring solution for your needs.


  • Dotan Horovits
    Dotan Horovits

    Dotan lives at the intersection of technology, product and innovation. With over 20 years in the hi-tech industry as a software developer, a solutions architect and a product manager, he brings a wealth of knowledge in cloud computing, big data solutions, DevOps practices and more. Dotan is an avid advocate of open source software, open standards and communities. Dotan is an advocate at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), he co-organizes the CNCF Tel Aviv meetup group, and runs the OpenObservability Talks podcast, among others. Currently working as a developer advocate at, Dotan evangelizes on Observability in IT systems using popular open source projects such as ELK stack, Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger and OpenTelemetry.


Jun 16 2021


10:45 - 11:15
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