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Open Source solutions for High Availability

Availability is a measurement of the usability of a server for its intended purpose during those times when it is expected to be used. Some servers in production have very little usage or are used infrequently; therefore, availability may not be an issue. However, in an enterprise-class datacenter, many of the servers experience almost continuous and sometimes heavy usage, therefore, availability is extremely important. High Availability (HA) is a goal in such environments and is the ability of a server or a combination of servers to achieve as close to 100% usability as possible.

In this paper, we will focus some of the open source solutions in HA space. We focus our attention on both RHEL and SLES environments. We will cover various HA solutions such as heartbeat, mon (on SLES and they also work with RHEL) and rgmanager and cman (that are available on RHEL environment). The load balancing will be covered in another section and there we will focus on LVS and Piranha.

We will have a look at possible enhancements to these open source solutions. In the end, we will try to understand high availability DR cluster.


  • Swayam Prakasha
    Swayam Prakasha
    Smiths Detection Bangalore

    Swayam holds Bachelor and Master’s degree in Computer engineering from SJCE, Mysore. He comes with 20 years of IT industry experience. He has played engineering and management roles in companies like GE, Unisys and Citrix. In his last role, Swayam managed the Software Development teams @ Citix Bangalore.

    He has passion in operating systems, networking, network security, e-commerce etc. Swayam has authored a number of articles for different publications(Linux User and Developer, Linux Format, O’Reilly Network’s Security and Linux Dev Center, Packet magazine from Cisco, Enterprise Servers and Systems, Electronics For You,…) and has presented many technical papers at industry conferences on these areas.


Jun 18 2020


15:15 - 15:45


Room Barcelona II
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