Optimize Performance with Continuous Production Profiling

This session will take us from theory to actual practice demonstrating what continuous profiling is. By the end of this talk, every attendee will learn how to understand and optimize their code performance even in the most complex production environments. With the increasing complexity of modern applications, continuous profiling methods and tools are gaining popularity among the Developer and Engineering communities. In this session, we cover what continuous profiling entails and why you should implement a profiler into your tech stack (if you have not done so already). We will then bring theory to practice and demonstrate a real-life scenario using gProfiler, a free open-source continuous profiling tool, covering Linux servers on multiple architectures (such as Graviton).


  • Yishai Zinkin
    Yishai Zinkin

    Yishai Zinkin is a member of Granulate’s Research Team, working on the development and deployment of their autonomous workload optimization solution as an expert in low-level programming. Before joining Granulate, Yishai served as a Software Engineer for five years at the Center of Encryption and Information Security of the Israel Defense Forces.


Jul 20 2022


14:30 - 15:00


Room Barcelona II