Panel Discussion

The panel discussion will be live and the speakers will join us via online meeting. In addition to our ideas and questions we are open for your questions and interaction during the 45 minute discussion.


  • Frank Karlitschek
    Frank Karlitschek
    Nextcloud GmbH

    Frank Karlitschek is a long-time open source developer and former board member of the KDE e.V. In 2016 he founded Nextcloud to create a fully open source and decentralized alternative to big centralized US cloud companies. In 2012 he initiated the User Data Manifesto to define basic human rights regarding personal data. Frank was an invited expert at the W3C to help to create the ActivityPub internet standard. He has spoken at MIT, CERN, Harvard and ETH and keynoted several conferences. Frank is the founder and CEO of Nextcloud GmbH. He is also a fellow of Open Forum Europe and an advisor to the United Nations regarding Intellectual Property and Open Source.

  • Kris Buytaert
    Kris Buytaert

    Kris Buytaert is a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant. He’s one of instigators of the devops movement, currently working for Inuits

    He is frequently speaking at, or organizing different international conferences and has written about the same subjects in different Books, Papers and Articles

    He spends most of his time working on bridging the gap between developers and operations
    with a strong focus on High Availability, Scalability , Virtualisation and Large Infrastructure Management projects
    hence trying to build infrastructures that can survive the 10th floor test, better known today as the cloud while actively promoting the devops idea !

    His blog titled “Everything is a Freaking DNS Problem” can be found at

  • Patrick Debois
    Patrick Debois

    Patrick surfaces clues and hopes to connect the dots. Advisor at @snyksec. In an era , long,long ago helped release#devops onto the world through @devopsdays

  • Rosemary Wang
    Rosemary Wang

    As a developer advocate for HashiCorp, Rosemary Wang has a fascination for solving intractable problems with code, whether it be helping an infrastructure engineer code or an application developer troubleshoot. She also interfaces with open source projects to find creative software solutions.

  • Serhat Can
    Serhat Can

    Serhat Can is a versatile engineer who has built and operated products as part of the Opsgenie team. He works at Atlassian, focusing on Opsgenie. He helps teams build better on-call and incident response practices. He shares his production experiences with others as an international speaker. He is an AWS Community Hero. Serhat contributes to the community as an event organizer as well as a speaker. He is a DevOpsDays core team member where he helps local DevOps communities organize events in 80+ cities.


Jun 17 2021


13:15 - 14:00
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