Rolling Updates: Database Version Migrations with minimum Disruption

YDB is an open-source Distributed SQL database available under Apache 2.0 license. It’s easily scalable across thousands of nodes and is known to be always available. Version migration is a natural process for every software system. In majority of use cases YDB is used as a mission critical OLTP database that cannot afford maintenance windows and must remain available during version migrations. In this talk we will briefly describe YDB layered architecture and share some tricks to minimize database unavailability during minor and major versions migrations from YDB server and applications point of view.


  • Anton Kovalenko
    Anton Kovalenko

    Anton Kovalenko is a technical project manager in YDB. Since 2017 YDB project is Anton’s main focus. Among other projects Anton has successfully launched YDB managed service inside Yandex, provided YDB as a distributed SQL database for Yandex.Cloud services and took major role in launching YDB Managed Service for Yandex.Cloud customers in dedicated and serverless modes with DynamoDB API compatibility.


Sep 14 2023


15:15 - 16:00


Room Friedrichshain III