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Scalable testing infrastructure with Kubernetes and Concord

# Testing at scale

Genuine CI/CD can’t be accomplished without continous testing. At organizations like Walmart, where about 50k deployments happen every day, we need a robust and scalable test infrastructure to execute these tests.

## Concord
We use Concord ( for deployments.It is an orchestration engine that connects different systems together using scenarios and plugins.

## Testing challenges
The teams at Walmart excel at automated testing and with about 1M of CI jobs running 24X7 (many of them run end-to-end tests for an hour or two), we’re at risk of hoarding the resources on our CI/CD servers. We needed a flexible and scalable solution which can meet the needs of the teams who run long end-to-end tests.

## Solution
We created a Concord plugin which will allow the users to leverage the Kubernetes infrastructure to run their end-to-end tests. Users can submit their Docker image for tests to Concord. It spins up a container called `Orchestra` which in turn spins up the jobs and suspends the Concord process. Once the jobs complete, it resumes the Concord process and users can continue with their flow.

## Advantages
1) Reliable and clean environment for testing
2) Scalable testing infrastructure with Kubernetes
3) Immutable and repeatable testing


  • Pranav Parikh
    Pranav Parikh
    Walmart Labs

    Pranav is a Software Engineer with a passion for making lives of fellow engineers better. He currently works in the Software Development Enablement team at Walmart. His primary focus is to work on our open-sourced CD platform Concord along with helping teams to test their applications in a faster and reliable way. Before Walmart, Pranav was working with Yahoo where he was involved in developing test automation frameworks , tools and services for developer productivity and web services.


Jun 17 2020


12:15 - 12:40


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