IGNITE: Schrödinger’s backups: how to avoid uncertainty

Sometimes when one has to restore a database from backup it occurs that backups were not created regularly or available backups are corrupted. To avoid this issue every service owner has to restore from backups on a regular basis. But what if you provide a managed database service in the cloud with automated backups? How can you guarantee that backups of your customers’ databases are restorable? In this ignite talk we will share our experience in automated backup and restore testing.


  • Anton Kovalenko
    Anton Kovalenko

    Anton Kovalenko is a technical project manager in YDB. Since 2017 YDB project is Anton’s main focus. Among other projects Anton has successfully launched YDB managed service inside Yandex, provided YDB as a distributed SQL database for Yandex.Cloud services and took major role in launching YDB Managed Service for Yandex.Cloud customers in dedicated and serverless modes with DynamoDB API compatibility.


Sep 14 2023


14:20 - 14:25


Room Friedrichshain I+II