IGNITE: How to collect Telemetry data using Memphis.dev?

Telemetry is a technology that enables remote data collection and transmission from sensors or instruments, facilitating real-time monitoring and control across diverse industries. In this short session, we will demonstrate how we built a telemetry pipeline in a few hours using Memphis.dev.


  • Sveta Gimpelson
    Sveta Gimpelson

    Sveta has 7+ years of experience working with data. She started as a Risk Management analyst working with advanced data with oriented rules using BI tools (specialized in fraud detection and compliance.). Then she worked as a software engineer at the open university of Israel Developing algorithms for analyzing complex outputs in research of writing process. And now she is a CDO and Co-founder at Memphis.dev a real-time data processing platform.


Sep 14 2023


14:15 - 14:20


Room Friedrichshain I+II