SCS: Buildig Open Source Cloud and Container Infrastructure

Linux is everywhere. Open Source has won! It has not. While Open Source components are all over the place, the big IT players use them to build platforms that are not fully open but designed to lock their users in. The question to ask these days is not: “Are you building on top of open source?”, because everyone is. The question should be: “Do you allow others to rebuild your whole platform?” and “Do you allow others to contribute to it and shape its future?” Sounds utopian? Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) tries to do exactly this: Build a network of operators to define common standards together, implement them in a complete, openly developed and fully open source manner and then even collaborate on operating it well — which can be harder than building it. The speaker will discuss the vision behind the the SCS project, how it has build the community and the technology stack, what it has achieved so far and where it will go next.


  • Kurt Garloff
    Kurt Garloff
    Open Source Business Alliance

    Since early 2020, he has been working with a growing team on a standardized, open technology stack to enable and network operators to jointly provide large, federated cloud & container infrastructure. He does this as CTO of the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) project at the Open Source Business Alliance with funding from the BMWK (German Ministry of Economy and Climate Action).


Sep 13 2023


17:00 - 17:30


Room Friedrichshain III

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