Sustainable and Safe use of Open Source: Well-being Barometer for Seniors

EDI GmbH excels in process monitoring, controlling and optimization using artificial intelligence (AI) with EDGE-/Cloud-based Infrastructures as platform ecosystem. The focus is our users’ Jobs-To-Be-Done, according to the motto “AI with People for People”. With our white box framework, we create future-proof business models with tailored software solutions. We use open source technologies to focus on the development of our users’ Jobs-To-Be-Done. We utilize Kubernetes with Zipkin, Graylog, Prometheus as well as ArgoCI and StreamPipes and bring it to life with trusted partners like NETWAYS. As an example for this strong cooperation, we will present our Well-Being Barometer for Seniors.


  • Heinrich Blatt
    Heinrich Blatt
    EDI GmbH

    Heinrich Blatt (CTO & Co-Founder) got his master’s degree in Physics from KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2019. He has been interested in writing code since he was 14 and it led him to more and more projects of programming. As an operations professional, he enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly and creates technical solutions to solve client’s business problems. He is the expert on all technological needs in the company.

  • Thomas Freudenmann
    Thomas Freudenmann
    EDI GmbH

    Dr.-Ing. Thomas Freudenmann (Co-CEO & Co-Founder) has been working in the field of semantic web, AI-based algorithms, and digital business models for more than 13 years. He started in 2008 when he was a member of the research staff at the IPEK – Institute of Product Engineering Karlsruhe at KIT. He got his doctorate degree in 2014 with a doctoral thesis titled “Ontologies for the Validation”.


Jul 20 2022


15:15 - 16:00


Room Barcelona I