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The path to a Serverless-native era with Kubernetes

Serverless is one of the hottest design patterns in the cloud today, i’ll cover how the Serverless paradigms are changing the way we develop applications and the cloud infrastructures and how to implement Serveless-kind workloads with Kubernetes.
We’ll go through the latest Kubernetes-based serverless technologies, covering the most important aspects including pricing, scalability, observability and best practices


  • Paolo Mainardi
    Paolo Mainardi

    Paolo Mainardi is the proud founder and CTO of Sparkfabrik.

    His role is to drive the company toward innovation, by building cutting-edge and cloud-native web applications and doing Kubernetes consultancy at different levels, from the the cluster management to custom implementations, they are also CNCF Silver Member and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP).

    When Paolo is not too busy with the company stuff, he likes to contribute to open source projects, speaking and organizing conferences and actively participating to the community.


Jun 16 2020


11:10 - 11:45


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