Using European Open Source to build a Sovereign Multi-Cloud

The European Commission has clearly identified open source as a strategic tool for bringing some balance to an EU cloud market currently dominated by a handful of non-EU hyperscalers. Part of that commitment comes through a series of ambitious, multi-million EU projects like the SIMPL platform for Data Spaces and the multi-country “Important Project of Common European Interest on Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services” (IPCEI-CIS). For the first time in the history of the European Union, it is the EU industry who will be leading large-scale open source projects aimed at building European strategic technologies. In this talk we will explain in detail how specific European open source technologies are being brought together as part of some of those projects to start building Sovereign Multi-Cloud solutions that ensure interoperability and digital sovereignty for European users while preventing vendor lock-in in the cloud market, opening up competition in the emerging 5G/edge.


  • Francisco Picolini
    Francisco Picolini

    Madrilenian with an Argentinian accent. Currently working on promoting a
    sovereign european cloud, OpenSource advocate, with some interest on
    Mechanical Keyboards and stuck in 90’s music. Previously @Codemotion &
    @Mozilla. I believe in an Open Web.


Jun 19 2024


10:30 - 11:00


Room Friedrichshain III