Vitess: Running MySQL with confidence on Kubernetes

Kubernetes and cloud native computing changed the way how we deploy and operate applications and workloads. Besides stateless applications there is of course still the need for more static components like MySQL databases. In this talk I want to discuss the question if it’s a good idea to run MySQL databases on Kubernetes. Spoiler Alert: Yes, absolutely with Vitess, a CNCF graduated software project! Especially if there are more sophisticated requirements like horizontal scaling.


  • Sebastian Saemann
    Sebastian Saemann

    Sebastian is Head of Managed Services and has been working for more than 10 years for NETWAYS now. Together with his colleagues he is crafting the building blocks around NWS Cloud. If he is not fiddling around with some engineering stuff, he likes to break records riding his motorbike.


Jul 19 2022


16:15 - 16:45


Room Barcelona I